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Meet Our Dedicated Donors

Generous support from the community buoys our spirit and strengthens our core.

From the time we opened our doors in 1923, the needs of our patients have always come first. Our doctors, nurses, and every member of the staff knew that serving our patients was both a privilege and an obligation. But what we didn't understand at the time was how committed our community would be to us.  Year after year, we are embraced by a community of donors who give to the hospital with open hearts, volunteering their time and making financial contributions that buoy our spirit and strengthen our core. What motivates this generosity?  According to long time donor, Bettie Diem, it's part of her make-up, and it "Just makes sense!"

Bettie is no stranger to philanthropy.
She grew up in the Philadelphia
area, relocated and traveled as
an Air Force nurse and as an
occupational health nurse, and
retired after decades of service.
Upon her retirement she returned
to New Britain Township, and for
15 years has woven herself into
the fabric of Doylestown Hospital.
"My nieces worked at the hospital,
and I asked them about the hospital's
volunteer program," says Diem.
She was quick to jump in, and
currently volunteers three days
a week in the hospital's Same Day
Surgery Unit and Heart Institute.
"It keeps me in touch with patients
and with the hospital," she says
proudly. "Patients are universally
thankful and grateful. Volunteers
get as much as or more than we give."

Diem is a proud member of the VIA, the group that founded-and continues to own-the hospital. "I talk about Doylestown Hospital all the time," she says, "and when I tell people it's owned and operated by a women's organization, they're always very impressed." It was when Diem joined the VIA that she also began donating to the hospital. "I've always donated to charity," she says, citing her support of such organizations as the Salvation Army and the United Fund, "and I've always donated locally. Donating to the hospital just made sense."

In the past, Diem has earmarked donations to the hospital's Nurses Scholarship Fund and ER Campaign, but she says she generally prefers to designate her gifts as "unrestricted", as contributions to this fund are used by the hospital as needed. "I can never decide which area of the hospital is most important and I don't know what the hospital needs most, so I let the hospital decide and put the money wherever it's needed," Diem explains.

This trust that Doylestown Hospital's administration will do the right thing is echoed by so many other members of the community, including Ephe Olliver. Olliver and his wife, Bonnie, have lived in Doylestown for 43 years. Their three grown children and two grandchildren all were born at Doylestown Hospital, and the family often has turned to the hospital for medical care. The retired commercial pilot credits the hospital for the manner in which it has expanded to suit the needs of its ever-expanding community. "Every doctor I use is a local doctor affiliated with the hospital," says Olliver, "and I am always well treated and well cared for. I feel our hospital serves the community very well. I've seen our hospital grow, and I know it depends on community support. I feel we all need to help it grow if that's what it needs to do." To that end, he has made a number of unrestricted gifts to Doylestown Hospital. "I trust the staff to know where they need the money most," he says.

Olliver also has a knack for knowing where his time is needed. He has been a volunteer at the local "Y" for many years, though he admits he wasn't always so civic-minded. "When I retired 16 years ago, my neighbor came to me and said they were looking for board members for the Boy Scouts," he recalls. "He said to me, 'Don't you think it's time you gave something back to the community?' I wanted to say, 'Who are you to tell me how to spend my time?'-but I realized he was right. Volunteering and supporting Doylestown Hospital makes me feel like I'm doing what I should be doing.

"People should examine their ability to contribute
and do what they think they can do for the community,"
he continues. "Don't just let it happen around you.
Make it happen."

To learn about volunteer opportunities
 at Doylestown Hospital, call 215-345-2204.
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