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Colored Wristbands

Colored Wristbands

Doylestown Hospital has joined other Pennsylvania hospitals and health systems to make Pennsylvania's health care the safest in the nation.

About Colored Alert Wristbands...

Wristbands are used in hospitals to quickly communicate certain health care information. Some of the wristbands are colored and designate certain health care conditions and status to readily alert everyone who cares for the patient.

The different colors have different meanings. In addition, words are included on the wristband to further reduce the chance of confusion about the alert messages.

Upon admission or at any point during your hospital stay, a colored alert wristband may be placed on your arm.

Yellow = FALL RISK

Your health care team wants to prevent falls at all times. Some patients need help to move or walk, especially those patients who have become weakened by their illness. A yellow wristband is for patients who need extra assistance when walking so that they don't fall.


Many products used in hospitals are latex free. However, some products still contain latex. Some patients can have a severe allergic reaction to it. A green wristband is for patients who have allergies to products containing latex. Yourhospital team will substitute non-latex products for you.



Some patients have past or current conditions that would prohibit the use of a certain extremity for various reasons. Patients with this condition wear a pink wristband on the affected extremity to alert staff to avoid using this limb for blood draws, IV insertions, and other medical procedures.

How Can You Help? If you are admitted to Doylestown Hospital...

-Remove any community (charity or fashion) wristbands while in the hospital to avoid any possible confusion among these bands and those used for purposes of your health care.

-Only wear the wristband placed by hospital staff.

-Tell a nurse if a wristband falls off during your stay.