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Marc Capofari (Hip Replacement)

Marc Capofari (Hip Replacement)



It had been five long years. Five years of pain, of compromised walking, of slowly losing the ability to do all the things he loved, like hiking and playing basketball and tennis. Finally,in December 2010, Marc Capofari, then a 55-year-old father of four, decided he had suffered long enough and elected to have his hip replaced. "I think I waited so long because, like most people, I was fearful about the surgery and what life would be like afterward," Capofari says, "but my desire to regain the active lifestyle I had lost prompted me to do it."

Like most hip replacement patients,Capofari suffered from arthritis and was advised by Dr. Vikoren to have his hip replaced after non-surgical methods of treatment and pain management stopped working. "From the very first X-ray, Dr. Vikoren and the staff at Doylestown were excellent. They allayed my fears and helped my wife, Paige, and me plan for my recovery. They even called me at home after I was discharged to check on me."Capofari also credits the seminar that Doylestown Hospital offers to every hip replacement patient as one of the main reasons he and Paige were able to approach the surgery calmly and confidently. "They tell you exactly what to expect, and give you strategies to make your recovery easier, from managing your meds to simple housekeeping things like making sure someone is available to drive you to follow-up appointments," says Capofari. "Plus, there are other patients and caregivers in the class, and you can learn from and support each other."

Capofari recalls that his surgery took place on a Tuesday morning and he was back on his feet the same day. "Dr. Vikoren did a fantastic job and I was even able to walk a bit that first day," he says. "Then, on Wednesday, I started working with a hospital physical therapist, and by Friday, I was home. "For the first two weeks a hospital therapist visited Capofari to help him exercise at home; after that, he worked with an outpatient therapist.

Capofari, now 57, has become an "ambassador" for joint replacement. In fact, he also had a knee replacedby Dr. Vikoren this past November. "I always tell people, there's no reason to be in pain.  Yes, there is some recovery time, which can be frustrating, but you have to be patient and trust your doctor and stick with your physical therapist," he says. "I'm pain-free now and back teaching at Penn State. I even coach basketball, which is something I had missed doing for so many years. Although making the decision to have surgery was scary, it was one of the most worthwhile choices I ever made."

To learn more about hip replacement surgery at Doylestown Hospital please call 888-292-1425.