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Phase 1 (Inpatient Rehab)
Phase 2 (EKG Monitored Rehab)
Phase 3 (Supervised Rehab)

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation closes the gap between surviving heart disease… and the rest of one’s life.

“Now what?”

That’s the question cardiac patients often find themselves asking following a heart attack, heart surgery, or cardiac procedure such as angioplasty. In truth, surviving one of these events is only part of the equation; what happens afterward makes just as much of a difference as receiving the proper treatment at the right time. “A doctor can fix the immediate problem,” says David Martens, MS, CES, Clinical Manager of Cardiac Rehab at Doylestown Hospital, “but once heart disease has started, if a patient doesn’t take an aggressive approach and work to manage his or her risks, another cardiac event is likely to happen.”

In the fight to prevent those secondary events, Doylestown Hospital offers Cardiac Rehabilitation, a professionally supervised exercise and education program for patients who have experienced any type of cardiac issue. “Research shows that patients who complete cardiac rehab fare much better than those who don’t. That’s why we’re vigilant about getting people into the program. More than 90 percent of our cardiac surgery patients and 63 percent of our heart attack stent patients participate in Cardiac Rehab. It gives them an unbelievable head-start in preventing future cardiac problems.” In fact, a 2011 study published by the American Heart Association showed a 46 percent reduction in death from all causes in patients who took part in cardiac rehab following angioplasty.

What type of Heart Patients should participate in cardiac rehab?

Patients who have had stents, heart attacks, bypass or valve surgery and heart failure, and all other cardiac patients who want to slow down, stop and reverse their disease.

What are the benefits of Cardiac Rehab?

  • Cardiac Rehab has been shown to be as beneficial as taking cholesterol and heart medications.
  • Patients who complete 36 sessions of cardiac rehab lower the chance of another cardiac event and mortality by 30 to 50%.
  • Cardiac rehab can safely increase your function.

Doylestown Hospital’s comprehensive Cardiac Rehab program consists of four phases, as outlined below:

Recently, Doylestown Hospital introduced a 90-day Phase 4 rehab program, in partnership with The Cornerstone Club at the Health & Wellness Center in Warrington. For more information, contact Howard Butowsky, Organizational Manager of The Cornerstone Clubs: 215-918-5900.