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Heart Attack Care at Doylestown Hospital
Fast Door-to-Balloon Time to Treat Heart Attacks
Radial Artery Access

Fast Door-to-Balloon Time to Treat Heart Attacks

Doylestown Hospital's Door-to-Balloon Time is About 30 Minutes Faster than the National Gold Standard

The team at The Richard A. Reif Heart Institute of Doylestown Hospital is nationally recognized as a leader in primary or emergency angioplasty, the treatment of choice to open blocked coronary arteries and restore blood flow during a heart attack.

Door-to-balloon time is measured from the time a patient arrives in the ER to the time a physician opens a blocked artery using a balloon angioplasty procedure. Time is of the essence in an angioplasty: The faster a medical team can open a blocked artery, the less damage to a patient’s heart muscle.

The American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association guidelines recommend a door-to-balloon time of no more than 90 minutes.

Doylestown Hospital's door-to-balloon times are consistently faster than the national standard. At our Bucks County hospital, the average door-to-balloon time is 59 minutes. Learn more about how Doylestown Hospital beats the clock in heart attack care.

Treatment Options for Heart Attack Patients

Every second counts when a patient has a heart attack, and needs an emergency angioplasty.

Doylestown Hospital doctors perform an angioplasty by inserting a catheter into an artery, usually through a patient’s groin, or sometimes through the arm. The catheter is moved into the heart and coronary arteries, where a dye injected into the arteries helps doctors identify blockages. Next, a new catheter tipped with a very small balloon is threaded to the affected blood vessel. Doctors inflate and deflate the balloon multiple times, widening the blocked vessel and allowing blood to flow once again freely to the heart.

Doylestown Hospital's door-to-balloon time

Faster than the recommended time and getting faster every year

Year% of patients with door-to-balloon under 90 minutesAverage door-to-balloon time
2012 96.4% 54.0 minutes
2011 98.1% 60.2 minutes
2010 95% 62.5 minutes
2009 97% 64.6 minutes
2008 87% 67.2 minutes
  • emergency angioplasty patient

    Angioplasty at Doylestown Hospital

    "I have nothing but the highest praise for the hospital."
    Bob Johnston, 68, on his emergency angioplasty in 2006
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