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Pre-Operative Instructions
Scheduling Surgery
Instructions for Surgery

Scheduling Surgery

Scheduling a Surgical Procedure

Once you and your surgeon decide that surgery is necessary, the surgeon's office staff will schedule your procedure and send the required registration information to the hospital. Your surgeon may order preadmission tests such as blood tests, chest x-rays, MRIs, ECGs or other pertinent studies. The surgeon will fax a referral to the hospital so we know what tests, if any, to perform. After the hospital receives the pre-surgical testing referral, you will receive a call to schedule your testing appointment and nurse interview.

Your surgeon may also ask you to visit your primary care physician, cardiologist or another physician to evaluate your medical condition prior to surgery. Send written medical evaluations to Doylestown Hospital (Fax: 215-345-2129), if you have these in your possession.

At the surgeon's office you will sign a Consent for Surgery form. The surgeon will also provide orders for our hospital nurses to follow when you arrive for your procedure. A history and physical will also be done and sent to the hospital.

In some cases your insurance plan may require you to have testing done at a specific site or your primary care physician's office. This information is necessary to evaluate your medical condition and plan your care during surgery. Your surgeon's registration form will identify specific insurance information. It is still necessary for you to bring your insurance card to the hospital on your pre-admission visit. Verification of insurance for your scheduled surgery will be done by your surgeon's office or a financial counselor at Doylestown Hospital.Bring hospital referrals with you when you come for your pre-admission visit.

Your Pre-Admission Visit

In order for us to provide the highest quality of care, your cooperation and that of your family is necessary. So that you may better understand what needs to be done to prepare for surgery, and what will happen while you are hospitalized, please review the following information. It is important to be prepared for your pre-admission day. Wear button front shirts, comfortable clothing to allow easy access for testing.

For the Pre-Admission Visit, you must bring:

  • Insurance Cards
  • Pre-Admission Health Questionnaire found in the folder of Instructions for Surgical Patients.
  • Testing results and/or history and physical (If your health insurer or surgeon required you to obtain testing outside of Doylestown Hospital, or you had a history/physical exam in another physician's office, please bring the reports with you, if you have them in your possession.
  • Copy of your Advance Directive/Living Will, if needed for your medical record.
    **Please review the information provided under "Instructions for Surgery"

Pre-Admission Testing Center and Registration Location

Please enter through the Main Entrance of hospital. Walk through the lobby; take the elevator to the second floor, then turn right and check in with the volunteer at the desk, who will direct you to the Pre-Admission office. An administrator will collect insurance and other demographic information.

Interview by Registered Nurse

During your visit you will meet with a nurse who will review your health history, give you specific instructions to follow prior to and immediately after surgery. You may not be required to visit the hospital for a pre-admission visit with a nurse, if testing was completed outside Doylestown Hospital or no testing was required. In this case, a nurse will call you the day before surgery. These interviews are good opportunities to ask any questions you might have about your upcoming surgery. Remember to complete and review your pre-admission health questionnaire, any additional instructions and bring your completed questionnaire with you the day of the surgery.

Medication Review

During your pre-admission visit to the surgeon or hospital pre-admission nurse, the medications you take will be reviewed. You may be advised to stop taking certain medications such as aspirin or blood thinners. Be sure to have an up-to-date list of all your prescription and over-the-counter medicines prior to your surgery.Specific heart and blood pressure medications will be discussed during your pre-operative instructions.


Certain blood tests require fasting. You will receive a phone call the day before pre-op testing (Friday, if your appointment is on Monday), to confirm your appointment. At this time, fasting guidelines will be given. Pre-admission studies may include blood tests, urinalysis, x-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, pulmonary function studies or electrocardiograms (ECG).

Communication Services

Non-English speaking patients may use may use English speaking family members as interpreters. Translation services may also be obtained by calling the Pre-Admission Office (215-345-2287).

Special Needs

If the patient has other special needs e.g. (is physically disabled, hearing impaired, ventilator dependent, or mentally challenged), please notify the Pre-Admission Office (215-345-2287) so that we can plan ahead to care for these needs.


Plan accordingly to arrange for an adult to drive you home if you are being discharged after surgery.